YSA Member Meeting & Demo by Karen Ingalls

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sierra Senior Center

BRING ENERGY INTO YOUR ART – With Color, Texture, and Creative Mark-Making

SATURDAY October 21st at 10:00am on ZOOM

Women with shoulder-length white hair painting an image of a tree on a plain

Expand your artistic skills and knowledge in new ways to develop your own unique creative voice.

Karen Lynn Ingalls will share how to capture the energy of your painting’s subject using color, texture, and creative mark-making. She’ll demonstrate its application in an abstract landscape painting, but you can apply these ideas and methods to any subject, whether landscapes, still lifes, portraits, abstracts, or mixed media.  You’ll be able to see the entire development of the large-sized painting, from the beginning with her photo resource and color choices, to seeing the under-painting, mark-making process, and completion in time-lapsed video format.

Don’t miss out on this chance to take your art to the next level. Join us for an artistic exploration with Karen Lynn Ingalls! Learn more about Karen at http://www.karenlynningalls.com/

There will be a brief meeting followed by Karen’s art demo. Pay now, watch later. You may sign up and watch for up to 30 days to replay or view at a later date.

This Art Demo is only on Zoom because Karen lives out of the area.
Members $10 • Non-members $15

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