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Artist Info Initially art was a refuge for me. Later it became a tool to not only respond to the world, but to bring about opportunity and community. The creative process is not only entertaining, it is essential to understanding, interacting and transforming. The art I make expresses power, beauty, and shares vulnerable raw perspectives that gives viewers and listeners a chance to experience nature thru imagination. Exceptional art cuts thru the obvious and reaches the possible.
I am a multimedia artist. My collective based projects have united people from all walks. My team’s products include songs, fine and commercial art, investigative press on social justice and environmental issues, workforce development and wellness. I/ we have reached estimated 2M people.

My art, music, and literature is about documenting problems and offering solutions. Statistics continue to show massive declines in habitat, wildlife, declines in education and other quality of life issues like equality, while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise in many places in the world, which must be met with sustainable nonviolent solutions that are abundant. My new indie rock music label, Noise, offers art and music to create more opportunities for artists to make a difference.

It has taken me many years to realize it is the process of inclusion and lifting each other that has the most value in the quality of life. Gradually the be here now moto has being my personal form of practice that brands my position. Visually I have expressed that in abstract art developing new methods and techniques without intention and this breakthrough I hold has created some of the best results as an improv artist. Over the years my pursuit has attached dozens of artists I’ve learned from and taught or further developed/ produced. The list of credits on my 100 songs reached hundreds, the same for over 50 live community events. I am grateful for all those experiences.

As I have matured my goals and vision as an artist has adapted, but my original mission to reach and help calm the most dramatic/ violent threats we face on earth and in some cases minimize and prevent harm using the arts remains paramount. For example, encouraging art exchanges with people based in Bric nations to build strong bridges between communities that are otherwise increasingly returning to closed borders and victims of harmful stereotyping due to military/state based propaganda like we see in social media that divides and build distrust among people on both sides to help reinforce violence or dehumanize others. Using art to positively and skillfully challenge humanity to follow more sustainable alternatives and practical solutions to solve problems and embrace differences that are more supportive of the earth’s diversity is ultimately in everyone’s best interest. Teaching/demonstrating critical thinking, using art projects to build cooperation and trust and grow skills are all great opportunities I embed in many of the projects I presently facilitate.

I change my art gallery window monthly. September’s display celebrates Moon Festival. I painted works in the theme celebrating Chang’e (Chinese Goddess) story. I also donated $500 in art gifts as incentives to attend the event at the request of the neighborhood association. The display features 3 different artists and I rotate the display monthly new artists. The emphasis of the gallery window has become a display opportunity. I give opportunities to under-served community artists. I am also at present producing a young women (19) Chrischelle Mendoza sponsoring her with small payments $75 month in the Philippines. She is a singer songwriter improv artist I have coached a bit virtually last few years. You can hear our songs on the bandcamp at . I also hired Dan Medina this month to complete a song I wrote with Monica Gutierrez. The process is one of senior less trained singer/player giving items to new artists or more professional artists to polish them up. It’s a great collaboration that spans 7 countries and over 10 studios producing my tracks over last 10 years.
My podcasts are on the bandcamp and series like anti-poverty, gun control and more may be found there. That projects mission like the print Lighthouse publications mission is to influence policy makers/ readers to make informed decisions and better responses with alternative solutions. I have had modest success bending the ear of audiences and occasionally I get fan mail or emails from other countries at PhD level. As a producer I spend most of my time producing and engage thru collaborative steps and deadlines. However marketing is another piece of the puzzle I have to tackle soon.

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