Charlie Bednar

Artist Info There were always cameras in our house: a Kodak Folding Model my Dad used to shoot Queen Elizabeth’s coronation parade in Edinburgh, various Brownies, and a 4x5 Speed Graphic “liberated” from the Army Air Corps. My first camera was a Brownie Starflash when I was nine. High school yearbook photography introduced me to the venerable Yashica D, and a college class allowed me to lug around a 4x5 Speed Graphic. A tour in Korea included more time using a twin-lens, probably a Rolleiflex. Instamatics and Polaroids came and went before I bought an Olympus OM-2 in the late Seventies. Great camera for its time, but now I use a Nikon D5600.

After retiring in 2012, I decided to get serious about photography, along with building my own frames. Living in the Sierras provides endless scenic possibilities, and YWA provides exposure to many talented, inspiring, and generous artists.

Preferred Media: photography