Shannon Grissom

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My mission is to give your soul a hug.

Whether I paint a traditional portrait or a band of sock monkeys, my work has always contained a spiritual component. It’s not enough for me to get a likeness. I won’t stop until the subject’s spirit leaps off the canvas and positively speaks to you.


I was a late bloomer. I didn’t discover painting until I was 33! However, I was hooked and driven once I realized I wanted to be a professional artist. I’d get up early each day to paint for a few hours before the start of my day job. This demanding schedule was worth the effort. By 1999, I left my day job and began to create art as a full-time business. And thus began the amazing ride…

At 44, I began production of the television series, Give Your Walls Some Soul. The inspirational how-to painting show grew from an audience of one station to over 50 stations across the country. It was seen in over 10 million households, winning numerous awards. It is still airing today.

At 46, I published my children’s book Monkey Made of Sockies. From that book came a line of licensed merchandise, a coloring book, and the popular Monkey Made of Sockies golf club headcovers carried on tour by several LPGA pros.

Today I am an award-winning artist, television producer/host, author, and songwriter. My artwork is licensed and sold globally. My latest project, the Sock Monkey Oracle, is a joyful marriage of my metaphysical and creative life.



Twitter: http-twitter-com-shannongrissom




Preferred Media: digital, mixedmedia, painting, photography