Trowzers Akimbo

Artist Info A third generation artist, I grew up in the creative hot house that is Venice, CA, which in addition to providing encouragement of the visual arts, gave me my first taste of what has become a life-long love of surfing. I bring up surfing here, because I believe my immersion in the lifestyle has measurably affected my imagery and palette. I've been creating art, in one form or another all my life.

Art instruction began with my mother, at home, continued with the fantastic art teachers at Venice High School (my teacher Betty Edwards, then Betty Bomeisler, wrote the influential book, Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain) and continued at California Institute of the Arts (better known, at the time, as the Chouinard Art Institute). I started at Chouinard’s with Saturday classes, while still in high school, then received my BFA, while attending on a scholarship. My great CalArts teachers (influential artists in there own right) included Don Graham, Herbert Jepson, Harold Kramer, Emerson Wolpher and Frederick Hammersley.

In addition to my painting, I’ve engaged in many creative commercial projects. I created for television at NBC (body painting for Laugh-In, over 200 pieces of More to Come art for The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson and The Gong Show logo, among countless other projects). I directed and designed hundreds of animated and live action television commercials for clients: Chevron, McDonalds, IBM, Toyota, AT&T, Bank of America, Wilson Sports and Alpo, among many others. I created illustrations for advertising agencies, design studios and magazines (Cricket, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, etc.) I’ve led creative teams for video game companies Sierra Online, Rocket Science Games and iWin, as their chief creative officer (over 50 games). I’ve received numerous awards for my commercial endeavors, among them, a national Primetime Emmy award.

Today I work in both representational and abstract styles. While I use vanishing point perspective and natural color in my representational work, when creating my abstractions, I utilize multiple viewpoint perspective (an approach pioneered by Cezanne, Picasso and Braque) and nonlocal color.

Subject matter includes scenes from personal experiences, imagined experiences, portraits of those I know and others that I’ve passed walking down the street.

I work with oils, acrylics, watercolor, soft pastels and any other mediums I come across.



Twitter: https-twitter-com-trowzersakimbo




Preferred Media: digital, mixedmedia, painting, pastel, print, sketch