Kerby Smith

Artist Info Kerby Smith has a degree in art from Hobart College and for a large part of his working career he was a photojournalist. Smith’s documentary photographs have been published in newspapers, on the wire services and in magazines. Departing from journalism into the world of art photography, Smith has won numerous awards for those images. Influenced by his artist wife, Lura Schwarz Smith, he ventured into the fabric arts. It is not surprising that his art quilts are based on photographic images that he prints on a variety of materials including canvas, cotton and silk. The art quilts have been shown in major international exhibits. He is represented in the Marbaum collection at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles with his art quilt, “Chain Link.” Currently, he is a BERNINA Ambassador using their sewing machines to stitch his quilts and collages. Working with collage Smith has melded photography, stitching and painting. The collage series: “Ink, Thread and Paint” bridges the real world to the abstract. He currently is the vice-president of communications for Yosemite Western Artists. Continuing his journey as an artist and encouraged by Chris Sorensen, his abstract paintings go where he cannot go with the realism of photography. The Blue Square series of paintings are his latest work.



Preferred Media: fiber, painting, photography