Sheila Boyd

Artist Info My career as an airbrush artist began in 1989 when I started my own business, Clear Vision Airbrush. I have made a living airbrushing show cars, motorcycles and large murals. Some of my greatest accomplishments are the murals at the VA Hospital in Fresno in the Stairwell to Wellness.
My journey has taken me across the United States painting every step of the way, teaching, and learning my craft. Job opportunities required me to stretch my skill set to include airbrush make-up and body art, fabrics and fashions, illustrations in children’s books, to painting on a variety of surfaces such as granite, marble, canvas or metal.
My husband Jeff and I own a collision/repair shop, Bodys by Boyd in Oakhurst, CA. He is my rock and encourages me to push my limits to reach beyond my comfort zone. Currently I’m working on the completion of a series entitled “Shadow Bear”, a story of our spiritual evolution and our symbiotic relationship with our planet.


Preferred Media: digital, fiber, mixedmedia, painting, photography